About Us

  • Originate of Gem Star Inc.

    Gem Star Inc was incorporated in 1982 with the purpose of establishing client for loose diamonds. The business grew from one employee to now over 200 globally with partners. Our core business model was always excellent product quality, timely service and excellent pricing. Maintaining this business policy sky rocketed the business to new levels year by year. We ventured into bigger offices and bought our own building in 1999 to house our employees and service our customers better. The growth seemed to continue no matter where the economy went due to hard work and persistence.

  • First Cutting Factory in Ontario

    We opened the first cutting factory in Ontario in 2004 and slowly grew in the manufacturing sector as well. Due to unfortunate circumstances, we closed the factory as we realized the non-viability of the project in Canada. This did not stop us from thrusting forward into the changing market creating a whole new venture of finished jewellery. The clients were happy to see the vertical growth in our company and accepted our product line instantly due to the quality and pricing. Our formula again worked as we manufactured in India, maintaining the standards of North America to have a seamless transition from product design to manufacturing.

  • Progress & Development

    We initially focused on designing, manufacturing of jewellery with diamonds and gold. Our focus changed to bigger and bigger clients and turned our business to catering to the brand stores across Canada. We still maintained our smaller independent stores while growing the major department stores. As we started to understand the consumers and their interests we started to develop new line of jewellery. This lead us to develop products in silver and cubic zirconia as well as silver and diamond jewellery. This new product line was embraced positively and gave us another area of vertical integration.

  • One More Step Towards Success

    As we continue to grow we moved in 2015 to another bigger premises of 4300 square feet for the same reasons. Having to house our employees and better accessibility to our clients we are ready for further growth in bringing branded jewellery into our folds. We are now working with recognized designers and brands to bring another aspect of improving their businesses.

  • Future Goals

    Gem Star continues to strive for further growth with involved leadership of its CEO/President and its teams, associates and partners that bring value to the company and its clients.