The Art of Jewellery

The art of jewellery manufacturing has evolved over time but still the talent of the artist, goldsmith and consumers seem to come together seamlessly. We at Gem Star use the latest technology without losing the art of hand workmanship and vision of design.

T3 Method - Talent / Technology / Training

Our associate manufacturing plants in India and China work with the best talent and technology available in the market place. We train our staff and artisans to maintain North American standards. In turn we are also audited by our major clients that we are compliant in all areas including safety and labour policies including salaries. This keeps our manufacturing standards at the highest level of integrity.

Manufacturing in India and China

In India, we manufacture all our diamond jewellery while in China we manufacture our silver line of jewellery. With the two best places in the world to manufacture we continually strive to do R and D in areas of metals and raw materials. This has always given us an edge in the market place for the finest quality in our end products. Our 200 plus employees with the two companies gives us the strength in producing products of any quantity in the time lines requested by our clients.