Gem Star provides a wide inventory of diamond shapes: Princess Cut, Marquise, Radiant, Pear, Emerald Cut, Trilliant, Round, Oval
Gem Star provides diamond grading reports from internationally recognized gem labs; GIA, HRD  and IGI .
Gem Star provides overnight shipping by FedEx which is quick and traceable.
We can whatever diamond weight you are looking for from small melee to spectacular single specimen symbols of success.We provides diamond clarity grades from flawless to promotional.We provides better diamond color grades.We provides better diamond cut grades.Our knowledgeable and experienced staff is determined to work effectively and efficiently with you.Our inventory is computer organized, our staff knows each diamond’s specifications and availability at all times.

Canadian Diamonds

Canadian diamonds, Canadian marketing, Canadian pride; Gem Star enthusiastically promotes the excitement of Canadian diamonds, our newest natural resource.

Educating Canadians about Canada’s dramatic rise in the worlds diamond market increases interest and knowledge about special diamond jewelry made with Canadian mined diamonds.DeBeers, Rio Tinto and Dominion diamonds having mines in Canada and producing over 15% of the worlds production with some of the best quality diamond crystals.

We at Gem Star carry an array of Canadian Diamonds and keep a large inventory of Canada Mark diamonds with the best tracking system to the source.

We carry Canada Mark diamonds unset and set in fine Jewellery. Our designs in Canada Mark Jewellery is very contemporary and makes for a great investment in a fine piece of Jewellery.